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about feel2buy

Feel2buy – Says welcome we are glad you are here. Feel2buy is one of those web sites which we know you are going to find very useful; Introducing you to things that you want. It will connect you to products, books, and interesting articles on the subjects that you will enjoy.

I am a writer and have the privilege of welcoming you to this site, Of course, I hope you will take the time to have a look at my books, as well as the other useful products that will appear here from time to time. Already thousand have followed the site on twitter, and we hope that there will be millions more of you taking advantage of our appealing articles and introduction to innovative products.

As I have the key at the moment to perhaps your fist look at feel2buy site, I hope that you will come back often, but as I am the welcome writer, let me tell you about my books, hope you don’t mind me being cheeky and doing that.

My first book, which has now around 18,000 in circulation is Leadership and… It’s a new look at the subject of Leadership.
Hello is my book on Prayer, does it work, what do you think?

Attracting Training Releasing Youth is about just that getting hold of young people and giving them significant responsibilities.
Icejacked This is a fiction book, I hope you like fiction, and If you do I think you will love this story, and hopefully one day someone will pick it up and turn it into a fun film.

Culture Clash: Although a book, this is also a training course. In the UK, even when you have completed your degree in most disciplines, you have to train forever and report your training. This is call CPD (Continual professional development training), and this book is now also an accredited CPD course in the UK.

Perspective the A TO Z of life – This is a dip in a book, you can read a chapter, and then skip to another one that you find of interest, what I have done is taken the vital subject and used the English alphabet a to z to guide you through the issues of life, some of it I am sure you will find a fun read, though I hope to challenge too.

Jacob A Fatherless Generation –What has made our world in many countries fatherless, Is perhaps divorce? This book looks at values.

I was a foster career. – Just that I was, I hope again that this book will make you laugh and cry, it is my experience of this kind of life. Oh, I should have told you it’s not yet out, but due to being published in 2020, please look out for it.

I am also a Blog writer;
And to end with, there will be CPD courses, accredited and otherwise coming soon, ones that you can complete online and get certified certification for. That web address will have to come to you as a later edition to this web site.

Thanks for reading, and again welcome to feel2buy enjoy!
Adrian Hawkes.
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Words 543.