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Best experience with tv article 2

For tv article

Television two 1953So, Television started in the 1920s but was so limited it almost made no impact. Then came 1953 and for the UK that was the year that our current Queen was crowned. So, what does a crowning and a queen have to do with Television, you might ask.The point of 1953 is that … Read more

Best experience with tv article one.


Television one.My fourteen-year-old foster daughter asked me one day what kind of TV programs did you watch when you were my age. My answer was simple, ‘well dear when I was your age, we did not have a Television. “What do you mean you did not have Television what did you do then?” Came the … Read more

Best experience with phone 3


Perhaps more phone History 3. I remember the days of the fixed phone only, and I wanted to phone a friend in the USA, that took me several days to organize. I would have to book a line, tell the operator what time I wanted to call, then at the agreed time and day stand … Read more

Best experience with phone 2

Experience with phone

Maybe a History of Phone 2. As I progressed work-wise, I ended up with a nice job, company car, but the need for a home phone. So, I ordered it, the funny thing in the UK at that time was a. how long it took the post office who controlled all communications to install the … Read more

Best experience with phone article 1


Perhaps a History of Phones … (1)When I was young, I was part of a very large church community, only one person I knew in that community had a phone at home. Growing up phones were almost unknown, in fact so were T.V.’s. I remember the big uptake of black and white TV’s came in … Read more