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Hi I am glad you are reading further. Yes, well I did say that cars can be fun, and I told you a little bit of my history with cars. However, I have moved on. On through various car worlds. I started driving in my Rover 1939 it was one up on my Fathers three-speed gearbox it had four gears and a freewheel which I doubt young readers have any idea what I am talking about, ask me and I will tell you.

Not only did this Rover have four gears, what it did not have was synchromesh on first or second, do you know what that means. Well, it means a different style of driving, I had to learn not only how to use the clutch on a manual car, I had to learn how to double-declutch. Are you still with me? I didn’t think so again you can ask me.

I went through various stages of updates, seeing fluid flywheel cars, and then the lovely automatic. Really lazy driving. It keeps on changing. And now to the latest TechKnowledge. I bought my first fully electric car a Nissen Leaf. What a nice car, comfortable, easy to drive, but the limit of only about 120 miles fully charged. I ran it for a couple of years, and if you are a short journeyperson would recommend it.

Nissan Leaf

I do hear funny things that people say about electric cars, things like but you can not go fast in an electric car, well mine did. How fast do you want to go, you can certainly leave everyone standing at the traffic lights as the ‘talk’ on an electric car is much greater than a petrol or diesel engine, don’t ask me to be technical because I do not understand it either, I just know it’s faster. Top speed, well certainly faster than the UK top speed limit. No noise mind you, all these noisy cars racing around.

Another funny thing I heard the other day was, but you cannot drive an electric car in the rain. LOL. Of course, you can do it all the time this is the UK after all, it rains a lot.

Now my latest one is a BMW I3. Yes, it electric, and only dives on an electric engine. Fully charged it will do around 160 miles, they are getting better all the time. This clever car though also has what called a ‘range extender’ in it. That is a small petrol engine, though not an engine, it’s a small 9-liter capacity generator, so getting low on electricity for the engine it will charge the battery as you go so it gives a range of almost 300 miles, and of course if you cannot find a charge point you can top up the petrol and keep going.

BMW I3 with Range Extender
It’s even funnier than that it talks to me. I was not sure what was in my diary for the day recently and just on one of those silly of chances I pressed my phone button and talked to the car, I said is there anything in my diary for the day, the care replied you have a dental appointment at 11.30 this morning. Arg, I almost crashed.

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