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I have been asked to write about new technology however I thought you might be interested in a little history, and as I am old enough to have been there, maybe you will find it interesting and fun. When I was small living in the UK, it would never be said to children today, but then where I lived all goods were delivered by horse and cart. Bread, Milk, Laundry, even soda pop came by horse and cart, so my parents would always say “Mind how you cross the horse road”. Never here that today would you.

So, Cars fascinated me as a youngster growing up and at the age of twelve years old, I got myself a job delivering papers. This meant getting up very early before school and being at the newsagents for 7.00 a.m on my bicycle and then spending an hour delivering newspapers to house in the area, rushing back home to get ready for school at 9.00 p.m. Reputing the exercise at 5.00 p.m. before getting home for tea. 6 days a week with plus a Sunday Morning.

You can work outages, by the fact for this hard work I was paid 9/50d nine shillings and fifty pence or in new money just short of fifty pence per week. Out of that I save 6/2d per week or 32 pence per week with which I bought my first car at the age of 16 years old, even though I could not legally drive until the age of 17. I had to park the car in my Grandfather garage, and spent the time driving it about 3 yds up his drive reversing it and then driving it back again. Three miles per hour for three yards was so exciting. Not.
By the way, the car was a 1939 Rover twelve horse with a special freewheel attachment, it cost me £60.00 plus I paid an extra £5.00 for the installed car radio which was unusual to have in those days, mind you it never did work but it looked good.

So at the age of 17 my Father agreed to teach me how to drive. As of course, you will know at 17 years of age you know everything, My Father sat in the car and offered to explain everything to me, my response was I know how to drive. Just let me drive. Well to tell you the truth I did, without any problems, I think much to my Fathers irritation. I immediately put in for my driving test. Which I took in my Father Ford Prefect three-speed gear boxcar. I failed it!

                Ford Prefect

Being somewhat humbled by the failure I did then get myself some proper lessons, three house was all I could afford, but I managed to find an instructor who also trained Police drivers. He even lent me his car to take the test at this time I passed. Mind you it was easier with a four-speed gearbox car, rather than my Fathers Ford Prefect, where I was told of for not holding the steering wheel after changing into second gear, I held on the gear stick instead, I was too embarrassed to tell the examiner that if I let go of the gear stick in second gear it would fall out of gear.
Next time I will move to that new technology.
Adrian Hawkes
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