Best experience with phone 3

Perhaps more phone History 3.

I remember the days of the fixed phone only, and I wanted to phone a friend in the USA, that took me several days to organize. I would have to book a line, tell the operator what time I wanted to call, then at the agreed time and day stand in the hall by the phone. Phones in those days always seemed to be in cold halls.

On the day the phone would ring, I would answer the operate would say we are connecting your call to the USA, I could then hear the operator talking it seemed to me with operators all around the world, and click, click the line as different connections were made. Finally, the call was connected, and my friend answered the phone. The operator would tell me, you are connected, which I already knew and then click off.

Usually, calls would only last around three minutes and cost lots of money. After three minutes that same operate would come back on the line, and say ‘do you want to extend the call, If I was daft enough to say yes, an operator would then say and are you willing to meet the cost. Most times you said no thank you. It was too expensive.

It is now the day of the mobile, at least that’s what its called in the UK. My friends in the US always refer to it as a cell. My New Zealand friends refer to it as a Handy; it’s all the same. In your hand, a piece of computer engineering that lets me talk across the world often for free, and talk about sci-fi, I can usually speak face to face. I can see you!

They tell me that that price of engineering is now more significant than the computer systems that were present on the spacecraft for the first moon landing. Amazing.

And so, with my smartphone, as they are so-called, I can make phone calls, send text, send a document that is so private no one except the intended person can read them. I can check my emails, send emails. I can browse the internet; I can buy things remotely, I can sell items remotely, I can take photos and sent them to you or post them online, I can even make my video program.

I know there is lots of worry about our’ screen time’ and for me even though I can do all those things on a mobile, I do prefer a larger screen and a keyboard, probably because I can touch type so for me, that’s a faster way of working and more relaxing.

Strange these things that have been created by such a phone, when I was younger, and you walked down the street and watched a person talking to themselves, you knew they had a mental problem, now everyone does it. The other odd thing is that we tend to walk along the road looking down at a screen.

Recently in Germany, the authorities had realized how dangerous this is as people walk across the street without looking up to see the traffic lights, is it safe to cross the road or not. Germany seems to have solved that one, now traffic lights are not just there in the sky to see for drivers and pedestrians alike, no, now they are on the pavement. As you look down at that screen, you see the traffic lights right there on the pavement. (sidewalk for my US readers) It is designed to keep you out of an ambulance on your way to the hospital because you have been hit by a car.

So, where next with that smartphone, maybe the next thing will be to press a button, and it will transport you to your destination, science fiction has come this far after all.

Adrian Hawkes
For Indian Web site
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