Best experience with refrigerator article 2

Refrigeration two

Modern refrigerators have come a long way from my Grandmother stone and my early second-hand gas fridge. I confess to now having one of the USA modules that not only is a fridge but also has alongside it a freezer.
Can I just say here how strange I find it when visiting friends in the USA how they will often bring food home from a restaurant which they failed to eat there, put it in a bag and then place it for safekeeping in the refrigerator, only to throw it away three days later?

Back to my fridge, not only that but my fridge will deliver me a constant supply of Ice cubes, and I can have that in large cubes, or it will crush it for me which do you prefer.
It also supplies me with a constant stream of ready cooled water, which has been filtered before it is delivered to me. How did we manage without such normal fridges?

I guess I could have gone one step further and asked the fridge to deliver me not only cold water, and filtered water, but maybe fizzy water! I didn’t!

On the agenda, and of course, they already exist is a fridge that will send a message to your smartphone app telling you its time for you to order some more milk, eggs, and other goodies that you might be running out of. It may be also telling you if things are going past their eat by date, or even their sell-by date. Yes, those two things are different.

If you are lazy then apparently you can even ask the fridge to order the things that you need, or the things that that the fridge has decided that it needs to be properly stocked. Order and delivered. Oh, dear you will have to put them in the fridge.

It has been told, and I confess that I have not fully checked it that not only can you ask your fridge to order for you, and have it delivered, but you can have especially trusted delivery people who will not just deliver you good for your fridge but because they are trusted they will key in a special pass enter your house and deliver your good, but more they will put them all away in the right place for you including the goods that your fridge has ordered.

Is this science fiction, well it may have been one day but it is no longer sci-fi it is for some today’s reality. Are you going to get on board?

I often wonder what my grandmother would have thought of the progress, is it progress? She was puzzled and could I say somewhat afraid of the telephone, so I am not sure what she would have thought of a fridge, that not only stored you perishable cheese and milk, but actually ordered it for you, and maybe you came home and found that it had already stocked itself.

What we need next is for the fridge to cook the meal and serve it to us, maybe I will be writing and saying that that science fiction is no more but is today’s reality.

Happy freezing, or should I say fridge-ing.
Adrian Hawkes.
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