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Television two 1953
So, Television started in the 1920s but was so limited it almost made no impact. Then came 1953 and for the UK that was the year that our current Queen was crowned. So, what does a crowning and a queen have to do with Television, you might ask.
The point of 1953 is that up to this point television, though very much a breakthrough in terms of technology it was for the general public almost a non-event. Then came the coronation of the queen and someone decided that this even could be put on television. This was the first time that any such thing had happened, it was quite controversial, it had been on Radio, and some film of such events had been made, but Television in Westminster Abby, the thought to some was anathema. Somehow it got agreed, what a boon to the makers of Television and program makers and of course the BBC. This was the year in the UK that Television took off. Even people in my Road, which certainly was not a rich area of the city of Birmingham, they nevertheless bought a T.V. not everyone of course, but enough of them for the neighbors to know and cram into their living rooms to watch the coronation.
From that coronation moment T.V. took off, more and more people bought them, in houses up and down the country a small brown box with a concaved screen in the corner of the room. Television had come with a vengeance everyone had to have one because the neighbors have one. It began to dominate. It changed mealtimes, where once upon a time family sat around a table and eat Mothers home-cooked meals, now it was on a lap tray in front of the latest TV program.
There were cries of this will destroy families, this technology will dominate our culture, the whole thing is evil, the whole world good and bad is now in everyone’s living room. My family did not buy one, we were stuck with Radio was there a cry much the same when Radio became a big thing?
A friend of mine quipped one day that many things are evil until you can afford them. As with all technology initiatives, it’s very, very expensive; the more mass production, the cheaper the instrument becomes. Eventually, my family bought one too, and yes it changed the way we eat, it changed the conversation, it changed the culture.
It should be remembered at this stage that there was still only one broadcaster in the UK the BBC. They produced all programs they were the only ones to watch on TV. Remember also that it was black and white pictures, and if I remember correctly broadcasting started around 5.00 p.m. with children’s programs, and closed by midnight by playing out with the national anthem. A wholly different experience to our modern-day don’t <a target=”_blank” href=”″><img border=”0″ src=”//″ ></a>
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