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Perhaps more phone History 3. I remember the days of the fixed phone only, and I wanted to phone a friend in the USA, that took me several days to organize. I would have to book a line, tell the operator what time I wanted to call, then at the agreed time and day stand … Read more

Best experience with phone 2

Experience with phone

Maybe a History of Phone 2. As I progressed work-wise, I ended up with a nice job, company car, but the need for a home phone. So, I ordered it, the funny thing in the UK at that time was a. how long it took the post office who controlled all communications to install the … Read more

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Perhaps a History of Phones … (1)When I was young, I was part of a very large church community, only one person I knew in that community had a phone at home. Growing up phones were almost unknown, in fact so were T.V.’s. I remember the big uptake of black and white TV’s came in … Read more